Year 6 Blog

The fun continues!

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  • Tuesday kept the year 6's left at school busy. 

    On Tuesday we made chocolate chip cookies and had jacket potatoes with beans and cheese for lunch. We finished painting our t-shirts which we had designed, we went out into the playground and blew bubbles, we played football, we took photobooth style selfies with props and we started writing a blog style diary with all the wonderful photos we have been taking. WOW it has been busy!


    Fun Week Begins!

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  • And so begins the week of fun for our year 6 children who have chosen not to go on our residential. Mrs Jackson and Mrs Wiseman have been working hard with these children today. They have chosen what they want to do this week, after all it is fun week! They have had some fabulous suggestions such as painting glasses, designing t-shirts and lots and LOTS of cooking!

    As the week begins they have already made cupcakes and flapjacks and their t-shirts and glasses are well underway!