Year 6 Residential 2015

Our Year 6 Residential will be from Monday 22nd to Friday 26th June 2015.

Here is the latest news update from our experience!


Getting ready

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  • Hope everyone is packed and ready for a wonderfully exciting week in Wales. See you all in the hall at 9am.

    Year 6 Residential - Govilon

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  • The children have all arrived at Govilon, all safe and sound. They are having lunch in the sunshine and then off for a long walk up the local mountain.

    The children are all safely tucked up in their beds ready for a good nights sleep after their hill climbing this evening. It looks quite steep, some are even having to crawl up! Fingers crossed that they will all sleep well! Big adventures start tomorrow...

    Day 2: They have had a great day, caving, orienteering, tunnel walking and waterfall scrambling! They are all showered and have eaten their evening meal. They are now relaxing in the centre for a quieter night! Although I am not sure how quiet that can be with 33 year 6 children.

    Here are the orienteering crew. Clearly they were successful as they all made it back!

    Day 3: A slight change of plan today. In order to make the most of the wonderful weather the decision was made to do the other half of the caving, waterfall hiking, tunnelling and orienteering. The children, and staff, have had a fabulous day. They have all returned safely, eaten their tea and are now off to the Bowling.





    Day 4: great day out today. A tour of the Millenium stadium in Cardiff, then back to base for an evening of "Wollaston in Wales Talent Show". All are looking slightly tired now. Tomorrow is the last day where they will all go to the Big Pitt coal mine. It's fabulous! Then home on the bus. The staff are all looking forward to a good nights sleep this weekend I think.