How our Children Learn

How Our Children Learn – Using the Learning Line

At Wollaston primary School we use the Learning Line to help our children understand how they can learn to improve in their work.

We teach the children the following:

If we want to learn something new it can sometimes be a bit scary.

Sometimes we will need to “take a leap” to become better.

This means that we are at the start of our learning line and about to leap over the edge.

Occasionally we may find that as we learn new things we actually get worse and find ourselves failing.

This means that we are at the bottom of the dip in the learning line.

This is a good place to be – because – now we can use all our problem-solving skills to move up the steep slope towards better learning.

Our problem solving skills include:

  • Being Brave
  • Energy – lots of it
  • Challenging myself – being creative
  • Asking questions
  • Understanding the problem
  • Succeeding
  • Effort needed

After we have tried really hard with our work we will move up the steep line and arrive at the top – slightly higher than where we started – this is new learning. If you have any questions, ask your child to explain this to you.