Wollaston Primary School considers Art to be an essential part of all children’s development.  We cover art through our class topics in which we plan art activities that the children can create, explore, observe and make artwork linking to the topic that they are learning for that term. This year we have also designed a coverage overview that starts in EYFS and runs through to year 6. This enables progression of skills and knowledge throughout the school, so that children learn how to develop their drawing, painting and pattern skills and are exposed to a variety of artists, periods and styles. This year in the Spring term we will have an artist in residence who will be working with every class in KS1 and KS2 across the whole term.  He will be developing drawing and particularly the use and purpose of sketchbooks so that they reflect the journey that the children have been through in order to develop their knowledge and skills further. Each child also has their own drawing portfolio which reflects their progress through the school. Each year they carry out two observational drawings of either fruit or flowers. These are then used to help assess progress and next steps and at the end of the year are passed onto their new teacher for them to develop further.

Wollaston - "Progress is Good"

Our last Ofted showed that teaching is consistently good in our school. Typically, progress is good for each year group and a higher proportion than nationally achieve as expected by the end of both key stages.

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