Music is at the heart of Wollaston Primary School, it is an area that we feel we excel in. Music has always been a huge part of my own life, from a young age I was lucky enough to learn how to play the cornet, flugelhorn, piano and guitar and have performed in many concerts nationally.

There are also other teachers in the school who also share my love for music. Two of the team are at degree level, specializing in clarinet, piano, flute and guitar. We also have a teacher trained within singing.

Currently within the school music tuition is at the highest level it has ever been. There are 48 children who attend an out of hours choir club run by myself, alongside 113 children who are learning to play a musical instrument. This equates to 49% of the whole school learning an instrument. This year most of our music is led by privately run music providers, which has given us a wider selection of instruments. We have guitars, violins, brass, recorders, dood (beginner’s saxophone) toot (beginners flute) j sax (junior saxophone) saxophone, keyboard, drums and brass lessons available.

In addition to these lessons, in year 4, all children are provided with the opportunity to learn an instrument for at least one term, which offers them 10 hours of free musical tuition, led by a specialist and myself. After their first term they have the option to continue for a further term. Following on from this if they want to they can move onto peripatetic lessons.

Throughout the year the children also have the opportunity to take part in many performances, which you will be invited to.

Your child will take part in their class assembly, every peripatetic teacher aims to host an assembly, which will provide you with the opportunity to see how your child is doing. At least once a year there will be a whole school music celebration which showcases all of the music tuition that is taking place along with key stage 1 and 2 productions.

Whenever possible we try to participate in concerts outside of school, such as the Rotary concert at the Castle theatre and group singing within the community.

Within school hours there are also many other opportunities for your child to experience music, we have a huge selection of tuned and un tuned instruments that can be used within class lessons, every week a singing assembly is held and a music focus is set at least once a year which provides the children with a week where music is at the centre of learning.

Wollaston - "Progress is Good"

Our last Ofted showed that teaching is consistently good in our school. Typically, progress is good for each year group and a higher proportion than nationally achieve as expected by the end of both key stages.

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