Our Vision

We are committed to improving the quality of the educational provision for all our children which will enable them to reach their full potential and attain the levels of knowledge, understanding and skills that society demands for their future lives.  High quality education at Wollaston Primary School will be achieved by:

  • Positive, caring and clearly focused leadership from the senior leadership team
  • The whole staff team working together to do its best for our children’s confidence
  • The whole staff team having high expectations of our children’s social, behavioural and academic performance
  • Well planned, exciting and challenging teaching that develops lively, enquiring and open minds in our children
  • Creating stimulating and attractive learning environments in which our children can take a pride
  • Fostering a calm, secure and purposeful working atmosphere that nurtures a positive esteem and self-image in all our children
  • Promoting respect for other people and their property
  • Working in partnership with parents, governors and the local community to enrich opportunities for our children.

Ethos and Education at Wollaston

At Wollaston Primary School we believe that every child can achieve to be the best that they can. We want to ensure that our children are successful in all that they attempt. We are aware that this can take effort and time and sometimes even failure. 

We at Wollaston don’t fear failure! We embrace it and enjoy it as we see this as a massive learning experience. We teach the children how to cope if they are struggling or feel like they have failed at their activity. 

We use our 5 R’s to achieve this:

Resilience      Reflective      Resourceful      Relationships       Risk Taking

We want our children to be Resilient and Reflective – to work hard, push themselves, concentrate and improve their work.

We want our children to be resourceful and build good relationships – to Understand others, not give up and use their imaginations.

Finally we want our children to be Risk Taking. To take a risk but keep their personal safety in mind. To try new things and have a go!

Wollaston - "Progress is Good"

Our last Ofted showed that teaching is consistently good in our school. Typically, progress is good for each year group and a higher proportion than nationally achieve as expected by the end of both key stages.

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